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CadmiumCD's conference proceedings are available before your conference. Simply have your speakers, presenters, and reviewers upload their conference proceedings materials to the system and your attendees can view them.
During your event, attendees can access your conference proceedings to highlight and draw notes directly on presentation slides. Attendees can also familiarize themselves with speakers and exhibitors as part of CadmiumCD's conference proceedings mobile app.
Your conference proceedings are available to attendees after your conference. Attendees can access speaker, exhibitor, and presentation information as part of CadmiumCD's conference proceedings.

Before the Conference...

During the Conference...

After the Conference...

CadmiumCD will gather your conference proceedings through the Conference Harvester and distribute them online through eventScribe's MicroSite or Itinerary Planner. Your attendees will have a chance to review presentation slides, handouts, and other session materials as part of your conference proceedings. Speaker biographies are also available for review so attendees have a chance to familiarize themselves with their credentials.

Using the eventScribe Mobile Event App (native for both iOS and Android), attendees can view session materials on-site. An added bonus is that they can draw & highlight directly on presentation slides while taking side-by-side notes on your conference proceedings. And if you need a vendor to record audio and video of your event for later publication, CadmiumCD will be happy to provide this service for your event, conference, or meeting.

All your conference proceedings are available after the event. From audio and video files synchronized with presentation slides, to an array of session materials, your attendees will have what they need to continue gaining knowledge from your conference back home or at the office. Now that's continuous education! Get in touch to find out how CadmiumCD's conference proceedings solutions will work for your conference or event.

Host Multiple Meetings?

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Host multiple conference proceedings with the Multi Event App from CadmiumCD Host multiple event proceedings with the Conference Passport from CadmiumCD

A Variety of Options

How will your attendees connect? Whether you choose to distribute your conference through a website, the mobile app, or by CD or DVD, you're attendees will be happy to take home your event. They'll gain a custom pass-key that allows them to login from anywhere at anytime. And our proceedings are always branded to fit your organization's aesthetic.

Unlimited Possibilities!

We offer a full suite of event technology & conference management solutions. We'll integrate with your preferred A/V recording vendor or, if you are in need of a vendor, we'll happily fill that role! Find out more about our conference recordings and A/V production.

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