The Conference Passport

Continuing Education Made Easy

Attendee Access to Audio Proceedings from Multiple Events with One Login

With Conference Passport your attendees get full access to your organization's event, conference, and meeting proceedings for continuing education.

The Conference Passport

With the Conference Passport, your attendees get full access to all your organization's meetings. Users granted access can stream audio proceedings, download PowerPoint slides, and take online quizzes in order to earn continuing education credits.

The Conference Passport is an online continuing education portal where your attendees can purchase all your proceedings.

Stamp Your Way to Success

The Conference Passport is an online continuing education portal accessible from anywhere. Users can purchase stamps which give them access to individual events or they can subscribe to an annual subscription. It's a fun way to track progress and stay on top of new material.

CadmiumCD will help you promote your meeting proceedings and continuing education materials through the conference passport.

Promote Your Proceedings

Our unique stamping system is a great way to keep attendees up to date on your latest continuing education proceedings. Users access all your materials from every event through one central portal. When you upload new material from your meetings, past purchasers are reminded that there is new content.

CadmiumCD is passionate about meeting education. We make it easy to administer continuing education credits.

A Complete CE Experience

Your organization's Conference Passport can be bundled with online Quizzes and Evaluations, so that you can keep track of user progress and administer continuing education credits. CadmiumCD is passionate about meeting education - that's why we got into this business.

CE Like Never Before

A powerful online portal for all your events

Attendees can view meeting proceedings in the Conference Harvester.

Event Content

Attendees can view proceedings from each event you've held with their unique access codes from each conference.

Attendees can search specefied keywords to identify content they want to access.

Powerful Search

Users can search keywords with the option to filter both purchased and unpurchased sessions.

Attendees can purchase meetings proceedings within the Conference Passport.

Easy Purchasing

Attendees can purchase new stamps to unlock all your proceedings within the Conference Passport.

CadmiumCD's Conference Passport continuing education portal can be integrated with eventScribe event technology for the total conference experience.

The complete conference experience.

Take meeting education to a whole new level. The Conference Passport can be integrated with CadmiumCD's eventScribe event technology. That means attendees can take notes, receive automatic summaries, capture ideas, comment, and collaborate while viewing your proceedings. They'll experience every session as if they were sitting right in front of your conference's presenters.

Multiple Access Options

For one time users or recurring groups

Passport Stamps

Stamp a users' passport! They'll receive access to an entire meeting. More stamps means more content. Access codes from your events count as one stamp.

Single Sessions

Some users only want that one presentation. Make it possible. They'll have access to any PDFs, PowerPoints, audio, or video files available.

Individual Subscriptions

Individuals can purchase annual content access for their unique email address. They can sign in and view all the session materials from every meeting your organization held that year.

Corporate Subscriptions

Larger institutions can buy access for any given year. Administrators can use tracking, statistics, and communication tools so they can monitor their personnel's progress.