Online Conference Proceedings

Your Very Own Conference Proceedings Website

Give your attendees a conference experience that lasts a lifetime

The CadmiumCD eventScribe MicroSite is an online HTML5 event website that allows attendees to access conference proceedings software from any computer or mobile device.

The MicroSite

Give your attendees access to a complete HTML5 conference proceedings website of your event. Before the meeting they can familiarize themselves with speakers and presentations, and after the event they can access audio and video.

CadmiumCD's system is built around continuing education (CE). At the event, during the meeting, and after the conference, we want attendees to get the greatest conference experience. That's why we built the Conference Passport CE software.

Continuous Education

The Conference Passport makes continuing education easy. Attendees can log in, earn credits, and buy additional proceedings from your organization's other events. This is meetings education done right.

Get the Itinerary Planner!

Your very own event proceedings website!

The eventScribe Itinerary Planner from CadmiumCD is the best way for attendees to access conference proceedings before, during, and after the meeting or event.

The eventScribe Itinerary Planner is the MicroSite on steroids. Your attendees not only have access to your conference proceedings and schedule of events, they can also plan their own schedule, bookmark sessions, and import their own calendar into the system. The site is built using HTML5, so your attendees can access it from any device!

Pair it with the App!

Build a platform your attendees will love

The eventScribe mobile app for conference, meetings, trade shows, and events is a native application for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. All your conference proceedings are available on this amazing event app.

Anything your attendees save in the Itinerary Planner is available in the eventScribe Mobile Event App. They'll have complete access to their own schedule, your event's sessions, and any proceedings materials available. Notes attendees take in the app during the event will be available on the web after the conference.

CadmiumCD will publish your conference audio recordings to compact disc!

In the Cloud

All our digital proceedings are stored on our secure servers - anywhere you have access to an internet connection, our proceedings are available. If you lose your access key, we'll send a new one to your email address instantly!

CadmiumCD will upload your conference audio recordings to flash drives.

15 Years Strong

There are too many proceedings companies out there with little to no experience. CadmiumCD has been there since the beginning of the meetings industry's technological revolution. Explore one of our old sites to see just how far we've come!

CadmiumCD will build on online event site where attendees can access your conference audio recordings.

Don't Settle.

Don't settle for anything but the best. We know the meetings industry in-and-out and are always one step ahead with event technology solutions. Get in touch today to find out how CadmiumCD will redefine your conference!

CadmiumCD is always at the cutting edge of meetings industry solutions. Our technology and software is the most advanced when it comes to delivering proceedings to conference attendees.

CadmiumCD is Always Ahead...

When going paperless was a concern, we were there with CDs. When proceedings went to the web, we were there with event websites. And now, as proceedings are making their way onto your smartphone and tablet, we're STILL here with all new event technology. Explore all our products, or get in touch to find out more.

Options for Every Event

CadmiumCD has the most versatile conference proceedings

Through the App

Attendees can access all your conference's content before, during, and after the event, right from their smartphone or tablet. The eventScribe Multi-Event Directory App is native to iOS and Android, and perfect for meetings both large and small.

On the Web

Give your attendees access to a complete conference proceedings database of your event. Before the meeting they can familiarize themselves with speakers and presentations, and after the event they can access audio and video.

For Single Events

Attendees can see a complete breakdown of your conference's sessions, download materials, and familiarize themselves with speakers, all in one place. During the event they can draw, highlight, and take notes. Everything is accessible after the meeting so attendees can review materials.

For Multiple Events

If you host multiple conferences, our Directory App will be perfect for you! It's professionally branded to fit your organization's aesthetic and provides a directory of all your events and proceedings. And if you need someone to record your proceedings, we do that too!