Conference Proceedings

Proceedings on CD, Flash Drive, and DVD

Let your attendees take your event home for an experience that lasts!

At Your Service...

We went green and paperless years ago. But we'd be happy to send attendees home with a physical copy of your proceedings. We'll distribute mp3 audio, mp4 video, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and a variety of other file types through CD, DVD, or USB using flash technology.


They don't call us CadmiumCD for nothing. We'll create a CD case or sleeve and a laser printed label with your company's logo and artwork. We can make thousands of copies in no time. We'll collect an order form and send copies straight to your attendees.


If your proceedings are a bit hefty, we'll upload them onto a DVD. DVDs allow more storage space so your attendees won't miss a session and won't need multiple CD-ROMs.


Thumb drives, memory sticks - they go by many names. If you're looking for a solution that fits in your pocket (and your smartphone doesn't cut it), this is the solution for you. If space is available, attendees can even add their own documents to the USB drive later on.